"I love smooching people."

"I'm spicy like a pepper and sweet like a banana."
About me



Vancouver, Canada.

I have no life. 

I love to eat, sleep and watch TV shows.

Castle, Fringe and The X-Files are my favourite shows of all time. 

I have a multifandom blog and a Fringe blog.

My twitter.

Stana Katic and Anna Torv make me question my sexuality.

I love sushi, chicken tenders, donuts, reece’s penut butter cups and Wendy’s.

Walter Bishop and Leslie Knope are my spirit animals. 

I hate where I live, I want to live in LA so I can hunt down my fav actors in my spare time. (I’m not creepy at all) also get my tan on cause I’m white as a ghost.

Pretty much everybody in my family watches Castle except my mom, she refuses to watch because I’m pretty sure she’s jealous of Stana because my dad always comments how hot Stana Katic is. btw my dad is a stanatic.

When I was younger my family asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I told them “I want to be sour cream.” then a few minutes after that I said “If I cant be sour cream I’ll be the colour yellow.”

If you’re wondering what I look like, this is me:

jk, i wish I looked like that, sadly I look like this: